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Reconciliation [Ch 1/1]

FIRST POST! WHOO! \o/ Dearest mod, do tell me if I've done anything wrong with the format and I shall fix it.

Author: zolac_no_miko
Title: Reconciliation [Ch 1/1]
Rating: G - PG
Genre: Drama
Characters: Robin, Batman; Slade and the Titans sort of wander around in the background
Word Count: 2133
Warning: None
Summary: Robin's deviant behavior attracts some attention.
Author's Notes: This is perhaps less a story and more a daydream I had on the bus about what should've and would've happened in the Season One finale if Teen Titans had the rights to the Batman character. (It's always been my opinion that the only thing that could possibly improve that show would be increased levels of Batman.) Dunno that it's my best work, but I really enjoyed writing it... on pen and paper, at bus stations and at work, on breaks and between phone calls. Completely un-beta'd; pulled a title out of a hat. Quality!

Cut goes to my journal.

"I already have a father."
Tags: fan fiction
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