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The Welcome Post ^_^


This is the Teen Titans Fan Fiction community on Livejournal. This community provides a venue for writers of different skill levels to post their work in a friendly and constructive environment! Show your love for Teen Titans goodness~

The Rules

1)Be courteous. Respect all of the other members and be mindful of their different skill levels. This means using constructive criticism. We're all here in the hopes of improving our writing and having fun.
2)Use the appropriate form. The form will be pasted in this box. Fill out the form before posting. Make sure to also use a cut when posting chapters.
3)Provide warnings. Swearing, violence, sex, gore, yuri, yaoi, and other other forms of writing elements are allowed. Provide the appropriate warning beforehand and PLACE THE WRITING IN A CUT.
4) Have FUN!

The Submission Form

Author: (Name of the Author)
Title: (Name of the Work/Chapter Title)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17)
Genre: (Romance, Adventure, Etc.)
Characters: (The Characters Involved)
Word Count: (Number of Words)
Warning: (Any Gore, Sex, or Adult Themes)
Summary: (For the Story or Chapter)
Author's Notes: (Odds&Ends)

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