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Kyla [Kai]

Strumming Along Ch. 1-6 (Uncompleted)

Author: pickwembley
Title: Strumming Along
Rating: PG-13 (For Now)
Genre: Adventure//Drama
Characters: Jericho
Word Count: 27,243
Warning: Contains shippings made during the run of Teen Titans or by my own personal opinion. However, they are not the main focus of the story. Also Chapter 6 contains alcohol use and slightly graphic violence.
Summary: What's in a name? Well for Jericho his name contains untold secrets, a dark past, and a well known father. Now he's a Teen Titan struggling to keep himself from becoming his father's son.
Author's Notes: I've been writing this story for three years, but I will finish it! >_< I also incorporate the comic book history and twist it to fit the animated universe for Jericho.

Links to chapters on

(Chapter 1: Beginnings)
(Chapter 2: Trial)
(Chapter 3: First)
(Chapter 4: Simple Question)
(Chapter 5: Belonging)
(Chapter 6: Security)
Tags: adventure, drama, fan fiction, jericho
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