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Live Without [Ch 5/?]

Author: zolac_no_miko
Title: Live Without [Ch 5/?]
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Detective, Action-Adventure, Thriller/Suspense, Angst
Characters: Robin (Dick Grayson), Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Alfred Pennyworth, Clark Kent, Commissioner Jim Gordon. Robin/Starfire.
Word Count: 2693
Warning: Um... nothing really. Inevitable angst. No spoilers.
Summary: Batman and Robin hit the streets to investigate Bruce's murder. It's nothing at all like old times.
Author's Notes: O hay guyz, we've reached the plot! ...Or, at least, the plot for this first story arc; I'm writing War and Peace over here, fffffff. This chapter is dedicated to magusronin, my good friend and most faithful cheerleader. Happy birthday, dude!

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“Okay, Robin–explain to me again why we can't come with you?” Cyborg crossed his arms, frowning.

[First Chapter] [Previous Chapter]
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Strumming Along Ch. 1-6 (Uncompleted)

Author: pickwembley
Title: Strumming Along
Rating: PG-13 (For Now)
Genre: Adventure//Drama
Characters: Jericho
Word Count: 27,243
Warning: Contains shippings made during the run of Teen Titans or by my own personal opinion. However, they are not the main focus of the story. Also Chapter 6 contains alcohol use and slightly graphic violence.
Summary: What's in a name? Well for Jericho his name contains untold secrets, a dark past, and a well known father. Now he's a Teen Titan struggling to keep himself from becoming his father's son.
Author's Notes: I've been writing this story for three years, but I will finish it! >_< I also incorporate the comic book history and twist it to fit the animated universe for Jericho.

Links to chapters on FanFiction.net.

(Chapter 1: Beginnings)
(Chapter 2: Trial)
(Chapter 3: First)
(Chapter 4: Simple Question)
(Chapter 5: Belonging)
(Chapter 6: Security)
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News Update

Hello to all,

Thanks for joining and watching despite this community being brand-new. If anyone is interesting in being a mod, I'd greatly appreciate the help or interest! I also look forward to reading a bunch of amazing stories.

I'd also like to announce the first affiliate, robin_fans. Let's hope our communities will work well together in the future. Invite your friends and inform other superhero or TT communities. Let's make this a successful comm.

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Live Without [Ch 1-4/?]

Author: zolac_no_miko
Title: Live Without [Ch 1-4/?]
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Detective, Action-Adventure, Thriller/Suspense, Angst
Characters: Robin (Dick Grayson); a large number of other Teen Titans and DCU characters
Word Count: 13,388 so far
Warning: Violence, discussion and description of violent death... um, a dead body.
Summary: The unthinkable has happened. Dick must learn to live without.
Author's Notes: ...Welcome to my epic. I don't know how many chapters this will turn out to be, but it's going to be a monster. Here's hoping I can actually finish something for once. Continuity is Teen Titans animated series cobbled together with bits inspired by the comics 'verse and Batman: The Animated Series, and stuff I just made up from scratch. Sort of an AU, maybe? Takes place after the end of the Teen Titans series. Un-beta'd.

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Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
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Reconciliation [Ch 1/1]

FIRST POST! WHOO! \o/ Dearest mod, do tell me if I've done anything wrong with the format and I shall fix it.

Author: zolac_no_miko
Title: Reconciliation [Ch 1/1]
Rating: G - PG
Genre: Drama
Characters: Robin, Batman; Slade and the Titans sort of wander around in the background
Word Count: 2133
Warning: None
Summary: Robin's deviant behavior attracts some attention.
Author's Notes: This is perhaps less a story and more a daydream I had on the bus about what should've and would've happened in the Season One finale if Teen Titans had the rights to the Batman character. (It's always been my opinion that the only thing that could possibly improve that show would be increased levels of Batman.) Dunno that it's my best work, but I really enjoyed writing it... on pen and paper, at bus stations and at work, on breaks and between phone calls. Completely un-beta'd; pulled a title out of a hat. Quality!

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"I already have a father."
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The Welcome Post ^_^


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The Rules

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